Villainous show Shorts on Cartoon Network are refreshing

Coming from flash animated webisodes, some which have now been lost to time, Villanos was able to get a shot at making some shorts or miniseries for Cartoon Network Mexico’s app and so we got ten different episodes around a minute or so. These became rather popular and renamed Villainous for other markets, while the original name would be translated as just “Villains”.

I started seeing a lot of these characters so I was tempted to check them out and so I did including the webisodes. The webisodes for the most part look like your normal flash cartoons that you’ve come to expect from the internet, the main thing going for them is the character designs as most of the humor falls flat.

The actual show looks really nice and the character designs really shine here, the show does get a little bit better though I can’t say the shorts are amazing. Then again, do they really need to be? If we measure other shows by their shorts that they made before, we know that they only represent the potential some idea may have and not necessarily that the shorts are amazing, just take a look at Rick and Morty.

The show is short enough, since you can watch all available episodes now in under 20 minutes, the voice actors in the original Spanish version do a good job while the English dub is inferior. The show has created a huge fan community that mostly love the character designs since there isn’t much to go by from these episodes.

While not amazing shorts they show plenty of potential and would love to see a full animated show, they could do a lot with dark humor that can be appropriate for all ages and isn’t seen that much in animation anymore. I feel this will continue to be a cult show so check it out.

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Shorts are pretty fun , ending is a decent episode. Leaves for more, this show could be longer it would benefit from being 22 minutes I think. The show is better than the shorts.
The shorts are fun black hat was not sued enough

The shorts are so fun, short but simple but interesting. Both phase1 and phase 2 are so much fun and have so much soul.
Orientation Videos for Villains
Just commentary on different villains, they’re liek clip shows in a way, mostly reused footage from the villains world Ig ess, not supe rinteresting a bit boring though i guess it makes sense in the universe, could’ve been way shorter, half the length.
Kinda fun but they do drag a bit too much clip shotw. Its quite funny
The more original footage and crossovers teh better its where these videos shine
The more original footage the better its like a crossover with all the shows they tocuhed
the last faq was great a nice pilot

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