4 short 1 paragraph movie reviews Vol.1 Lego Batman, Big Hero Six, Forrest Gump, Seven Years in Tibet

Some movies just need a quick 1 paragraph review or recommendation or just comments as to why you should watch it or not. This is what 4 movie reviews in 4 paragraphs is for, it doesn’t mean they are bad movies, many will be great but there isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said or that needs to be said, just a quick guide of why they worked or didn’t work. Today we begin with two superhero movies with Lego Batman and Big Hero 6 and 2 classic films with Forrest Gump and Seven Years in Tibet. All 4 movies got plenty of praise, but are they worthy of it?

Lego Batman

After watching Lego Batman The Movie, I think it’s a bad movie but I guess decent generic kids film? The jokes overstayed their welcome and I feel the concept of being self aware could’ve lasted better as a 22 minute episode. I think Larry from Teen Titans did the whole concept better. Too bad, I found the trailers to the movie hilarious and with tons of potential but it’s the same joke over and over of “I’m Batman and perfect”. Meh. I’ll take DCEU movies over this any day.

Forrest Gump

This is a classic movie I had never watched and had no desire to watch it since it looked boring to me, it’s just easier to sucker me into a mediocre film if it has something appealing to me like a giant robot. With that said when I’m forced to watch good movies I tend to enjoy them and this was no exception. The movie is a bit long but going through the life of Forest Gump is fascinating and of course I got all emotional in it. Despite his shortcomings he lives a very eventful life and it’s just a joy to go through that journey. Fantastic film even if I won’t really watch it again most likely, and goes to show you can rarely go wrong with Tom Hanks.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 might not be a classic but it was a highly praised movie and I like obscure Marvel hero teams, but after watching it I can say what a mediocre movie, I mean it’s not bad in any specific way but it doesn’t do anything new or fun. After all the great stuff I heard about it I thought it would be amazing but it’s a generic superhero movie. Yes, I did love Baymax but he doesn’t redeem the whole movie being your standard superhero origin film.

Seven Years in Tibet

Another Classic movie I’d never watched but thought it was time to finally take a look at the movie that made China so angry that allegedly Brad Pitt was banned to go to China but I don’t believe anything official has ever been said about it. I didn’t even know it was based on a real event and that only made the movie more interesting to watch. Overall I think it does a great job in making the point over what happened in Tibet and you can’t help but feel bad for the country of Tibet. Sadly we don’t get to see many of these movies anymore but it’s definitely worth a watch.

For this edition we had two real classics and two stinkers, expect more of these articles for movies or shows that don’t need or in some cases deserve their own article that in the past I used to just ignore but that little bit of insight is sometimes needed. If you enjoyed the article or have any thoughts let me know through email or social media.

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