Lady Death Movie you didn’t know existed is well Lady Death

I had no idea who Lady Death was but the character design seems familiar so I’m guessing I’d seen her plenty of times before and when I found out she had an animated movie I decided to check it out. Looking at reviews online it is apparently trash but I can say that it’s rather mediocre but never truly bad.

The story is really not that great but I guess its serviceable since the movie is only an hour and change. We see Lady Death with an army and from there we get a flashback to how things got to that point and she used to be a blonde innocent woman who apparently was the daughter of Satan himself.

We get to see her die and sell her soul in a Spawn sort of way but she trains to fight and kill her father and that’s how she becomes Lady Death. When the movie came out DVD was closing to its height in popularity but it hadn’t matured enough to the point we started getting some cool movies out of it. The story is never to deep and the ending is just kind of there, I can’t say it’s terrible but as I mentioned it never does anything too cool.

For a movie trying to go for the adult audience it doesn’t do much in the terms of being edgy, the movie has no real nudity even if you can see some nipples poke through at some times the rest is Sailor Moon type viewable skin. And the violence besides the burning at the stake isn’t too bad and is tame in comparison to some of the PG-13 DC films that came out a few years later.

The visuals of the movie are pretty cool with some rather interesting imagery which sadly isn’t taken advantage of. The character designs for the majority of the demons in hell aren’t that interesting either sadly unlike some of the cool visuals we have in Spawn for example.

Just seeing Lady Death do cool stuff is what should sell the movie and I guess there’s enough there for those who are curious to learn who the character is and that’s about it. I think the character has potential but apparently not many people have faith in her.

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