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The American Live Action Death Note movie on Netflix has been causing a lot of controversy and already has this negative stigma from the press and fans. I decided to give the movie a shot without having any previous bias against it and see how it held up as I’m sure the general consensus will be to bash it no matter what so it already had a tough fight ahead of it before anyone even saw it. As I watched it I didn’t want to compare it directly and would be open to changes if it.

Even without being a purist and thinking that the anime has many problems this movie does mess a lot of things up. There’ll be some light spoilers but nothing huge. Light’s character is different but for the most part I don’t think it breaks the character too much, his biggest flaw is how stupid and careless he is, even by normal person’s standard and not Light. Ryuk was handled well for the most part though his introduction was a bit over the top and I would’ve preferred if he was used more subtly.

L on the other hand was handled the worst, at first when we found it he was Black I was not a sure but I slowly grew into the idea. Him not being pale white with bags under his eyes is the least of the problems. They try to have him have a few of L’s quirks like eating candy but it doesn’t work here as he’s an entirely different character. I just don’t want him

Mia plays a very important role in the movie, and besides her awful introduction to the story she is the twist of the movie, there are many things about her that don’t work but some do and I can’t say she’s much worse than her source material counterpart. The characters being flawed kind of works for the movie oddly enough, none of them are great characters and at least it can be explained that way.

Most of the choices the movie makes are not great ones, even as an adaptation of the source material for western audiences it just fails to do a good job at it. The source material has plenty of flaws that can be fixed for the msot part but here all you get is a cheap thrills movie with little substance. The movie leaves a lot to be desired and it is a mediocre adaptation but.. the movie is left open for a sequel and it does it in the best way possible almost redeeming the entire film and basically sets up the second film as what we all expected for this movie to be. Light becomes Kira at the end of the film so despite all the flaws I’m up for a sequel, it might be a disappointment but it was serviceable enough for what it was.

What’s up with the blooper film like it’s a Jackie Chan film at the end? If you enjoyed the post or have any thoughts let me know by commenting below or tweeting at me. You can also share the article or hit me up an email with your thoughts, it’s nice to hear from other fans.

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