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Remembering.. A message from the Power Rangers

Public Service Announcements were a common thing in the 80’s and even early 90’s but these PSA’s kind of stopped after that. Whether they were done to fit some type of educational message in the show or just because everyone was doing it is beside the point, there were plenty of shows doing it and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers with its already controversial fighting thought it was the right move to have them. Unlike a lot of PSA’s, the “Now a message from the Power Rangers were actually packaged for international syndication giving fans around the world the chance to learn some common sense.

You would actually look forward to these since you knew after the show had finished you’d at least get some extra ranger content and hearing Jason’s voice telling you they had a message for you, you had no other thing to do than sit down and listen. There were only about a dozen or so of them so they would repeat often but you were fine with that.
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Gotta Digg

Kevin rose created a site called Digg which to describe I guess you can say it was a smaller Reddit but that was the beauty of it since it started as a small community that became huge. But that’s not the biggest part, Digg was the first of its kind with the user voted content, at least in the way that it did it and there was nothing like it before and it revolutionized all future sites like Reddit.

Sadly after a few years the community became too big to handle and any decisions they made would eventually piss off someone whether the new users or the older users and whatnot. People started leaving in droves to Reddit but I remained loyal for as long as I could but even I eventually left. Not long after the site was sold and completely changed, apparently its different but good again. I still remember my first article that made the front page and I always wanted that Digg 1337 t-shirt but never did. Sadly Reddit has never been able to emulate the best years of Digg but we do have this one song to remember the old days, the song “Gotta Digg” by Kina Grannis.
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Spring Cleaning at Miscrave

Winter is over and we’re now in Spring so it’s time for some spring cleaning and let you know what to expect in the coming weeks. With the new Power Rangers movie finally out the weekly Power Rangers articles are coming to an end this week and Wrestlemania 33 happening this coming weekend it’ll also be the last weekend of Wrestling Weekends at least for a while, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more Power Rangers or wrestling articles but just not weekly.

However weekly/monthly themed articles is rather fun, especially as we’re riding the hype train towards something so those will continue. Only recurring theme for now will be spring cleaning, I wrote a few show reviews a while back but they’ve never been posted so you’ll be there’ll be at least one new show review every week for the rest of spring. The podcast will continue on Wednesdays, the production quality has improved as I got a new microphone but I’ll also be editing the show a bit more and finally I’ll put it up on itunes/android market places for ease of download. In general a lot of improvements are being worked on and hopefully by the end of spring break you can see a majority of them. Oh one final thing, expect a new logo soon. If you have any suggestions or questions make sure to comment or email me.

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WWE Crush Hour on the original WWE Network

In 2003 THQ decided to release a vehicle combat game using the license of WWE on the PS2/X-Box/Gamecube. Why they would ever do that is a question that we may never know. This wasn’t during the attitude era when wrestling was a hot product for them to try to spin-off the license into other genres but at a time when even wrestling games themselves weren’t selling what they used to just a few years back. This was also released a few years after Twisted Metal Black which defined the genre for that generation of consoles.

None of this stopped them from releasing it and well it didn’t quite fare well in the reviews department but maybe it was just a pet project of the WWE, after all they do like to experiment with different things. While there isn’t much information on any of this, the amount of details in some things seem a little odd if it had just been a cheap cash-in, which it is but that’s beside the point.
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Remembering.. WCW Monday Nitro & WCW Thunder

I really got into wrestling in the attitude era and I was a WWF fan, it didn’t take much from the WWF for me to say WCW sucked, I was as big of a shill as thirteen year old kid could be, I took this more seriously than gamers take console wars or conservatives and liberals debate bathrooms. And yet I was able to overlook our differences and check out their product even if it wasn’t to my liking.

As mentioned I would use any opportunity I had to belittle WCW but Raw is War didn’t begin until later at night and I needed my wrestling fix. Luckily for me WCW Monday Nintro began an hour before to satisfy my needs. I would never get to watch the main events as I just cared more about midcard WWF matches than main event ones on WCW. Can you blame me? Unlike Raw or Smackdown even the theme music was boring.
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The Legend of Zelda movie pitch Imagi 2007

Nintendo might be license happy now granting many of their properties to different companies to develop shows, toys and movies but before they were so liberal with their IP’s after the failure of the Wii U they had actually been extremely strict with them after the early 90’s.

We’ve recently read rumors of Nintendo looking to license The Legend of Zelda for a movie but this isn’t the first time studios have been interested. Back in 2007 there was a failed pitch by Imagi, the studio that brought us the fourth Ninja Turtles movie. Unlike the Gatchaman CG movie which never got made this one never actually even began official production but we can take a look at the video that was used to pitch the movie.
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