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I made a goal to learn French in one year and decided to blog every #FrenchFriday about cool things I found or did in my progress to keep me motivated and here is an archive of my posts which can be different things to learn or get immersed in the language whether it’s reviewing or sharing music, movies, shows, apps or anecdotes.

French Instant Star “Waste my Time”
Music Match French
French Halloween Songs
French Christmas Songs
French New Years Songs
French Zelda Songs

Reviews / Recommendations:
French Learning Apps
French Podcasts
French Twitter
French Twitter 2

2 Must Watch Animated French Films
French Simpsons
3 French Cartoon Intros
French Animaniacs
3 French Cartoon Openings 2
French Super Mario Bros
French Land Before Time

Learning / Progress:
Learning French in 1 Year
Forming a habit
Progress #1
Importance of a Teacher / Anecdotes
French Progress #2
French Day of the Dead
French Progress #3
French Memes
French Valentines Day

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