Tokusatsu rocks and here’s the Archive to prove it

Tokusatsu is a weird thing, you either know what it is and love it or you don’t know what is and you don’t understand it, there is no middle ground. Luckily for me I’m able to get how awesome Tokusatsu is and why it is. To those that don’t know what Tokusatsu is well imagine silly things being done in a way that is cool if you forget that it’s a silly thing. This doesn’t mean it can’t be well written or dramatic. Tokusatsu means special effects and can mean from anything like Godzilla to Super Sentai which is what Power Rangers is based off. If you’re not familiar then judge not and start learning a bit about Tokusatsu, if you’re familiar then here are some articles that you’ll find interesting. Don’t forget to join us on Thursdays for our seasonal TokuThursdays where we have a new Toku article every Thursday.

Random Articles:

Power Rangers Archives

Looking back on..:

Big Bad Beetleborgs / Beetleborgs Metallix
VR Troopers

SuperHuman Samurai Syber Squad
Godzilla Archive

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