Summer Updates

This month will be a bit tough for me to update but I’ll sneak in a few articles this month, a podcast and some slight redesign of MiscRave’s site. Our twitter page will be a bit more active, I post plenty of exclusive great content on twitter so make sure to check it out @MiscRave, it really deserves more followers, you can also check out sdp’s twitter which is a bit different in terms of content and our Facebook page is not the most original but it’ll be getting our twitter content pushed if you prefer that. I am open to a tiktok account but Instagram is not in my plans.

I’m happy with the turn around that the site has been getting and it will continue to improve as we figure out when our anniversary is and what the future of MiscRave holds. Summer is here so I’d like to do some articles on that, haven’t fully taken advantage of it being the 20th anniversary of 1999, some clean up articles and let’s see I think I have enough content already planned for the rest of the year for the site.

Some of our other projects like the podcast, discord chat, youtube channel are still on, just on a bit hiatus as we find more time. But don’t forget to check out our older content since we’ve built quite a bit of it. French Fridays will continue soon and hopefully less look backs. Main site is now the blog site and articles has the monthly updates but that will soon change to a better format.

Later alligators.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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