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Star Wars Bounty Hunter came out on the Playstation 2 and Gamecube to coincide with Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the game was pretty fun and felt like a new version of Shadows of the Empire. You really took the role of a Bounty Hunter and it felt awesome. It sucks that we never got a sequel. But I’m not here to talk about the game but the story, as this game took place before Episode II and pretty much tells a somewhat important part of the mystery we see in the movie. Only in the game would you not only know how Jango Fett was hired but make sense of some of Count Dooku’s dialog.

It really is a shame that this story was done only in game form since as of now the CG that was “realistic” at the time is now really ugly. Nonetheless, watch the “Bounty Hunter” Star Wars movie here with all the cutscenes stitched together to make a somewhat logical story and solve some mysteries that Attack of the Clones left unresolved.

I like it when the movies show us a bit of the gameplay since only watching the FMV leaves you wondering what the hell happened in between and it can get confusing. Sadly the game is not available on steam or a modern platform but hopefully it gets re-released one day, even if the gameplay wasn’t amazing it was a very decent licensed game. It really did remind me as an evolution of the Shadows of the Empire game.

The game had a very good marketing campaign, the commercial and ads that were made for the game were top notch. I knew i had to have it and the limited edition cover as well which was only made for the first run of the game, though I don’t think it really increased its value when I sold it but who cares.

It’s also in cutscenes like these that you can see why art style triumphs over realism. In just a few years realistic CG looks so dated while something like the Clone Wars CG show will always look good, at least in context since it wasn’t going for realism. Nintendo is really good about this.

How a popular character like Boba Fett never got a sequel with a polished version of this engine I’ll never know but at least we got to see his awesome father Jango Fett kick some ass through out the galaxy and show us why he was the most feared Bounty Hunter.

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