Pokemon Secrets of the Jungle: The Tarzan Kangaskhan Kid

The pokemon anime movies needed a boost so they began with a reboot movie, then a more artsy type movie and then a remake of the first Pokemon movie. Each one had something unique that made it interesting. I was excited to see what else could be done with the concept of different movies despite not liking that anime Ash was no longer having these world altering adventures every year anymore. And then we got the most generic movie preview fo the next movie Secrets of the Jungle, koko.

The third and final movie in the reboot series was decided that it’d be a Pokemon take on Tarzan. I have no idea why the decided to adapt the episode The Kangaskhan Kid into a movie, it was a bad way to adapt the Safari Zone and like it didn’t belong in Pokemon, and yet here we have a movie based on this very concept. I thought that the movie was likely a banger because only then would such a boring concept make sense.

We start with talking Pokemon ape species, the Mythical Pokemon Zarude and there are tons of them. They all speak human language which is just odd, though later it’s stated he just speaks Pokemon language and was translated for viewers to understand. I don’t even know why Zarude are legendary since they seem like regular grass monkey Pokemon but that’s more of a game question.

Ash not having any of the companions or characters from previous movies is a shame, it’d be interesting if he actually met someone in the movie for him to interact with that was intersting besides Koko. The plot is not that interesting either, not for a full movie. The enviromentalist plot is just too generic. Shiny Celebi was really cool but she was oly there at the end, A wasted side plot but I guess too similar to 4ever if they did it. Missed opportunity there.

Ash not being the main character in the movie is a cool idea like in the Power of Us but here Koko just sucks. The animation is nice but not impressive either. The dub is alright but the voices still feel wrong despite having voiced the characters for longer than the original voice actors. The music is ok. WHat a generic movie to end the Pokemon movies with.

Luigi Kawasaki

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