Music Match Summery Music Videos Vol. 10

It’s basically the end of the summer but here we can squeeze 3 more summery music videos before we move on. If you want even more to not forget the season or to you it won’t finish until September then here are some more. As always I try to recommend either some cool Music, Music Videos or nostalgic songs, sometimes all of those at the same time but not always.

The Crystal Method – “Name of the Game”

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Women’s MMA B-Movie Fight Valley is a Knock Out

Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg, Holly Holm of Mixed Martial Arts fame were in a movie called Fight Valley Knockaround Girls. Being a fan of Women’s MMA and the fighters starring in it I decided to check it out. Quality cinema was not expected from this movie but instead just a kick ass film to pass the time.

UFC movie MMA

You kind of set yourself up for the type of movie and expect different things from different movies. Going in to see Star Wars will have different expectations than say Dinosaur Island and even if one is the better movie b-films can be more enjoyable. Sadly this wasn’t the case with Fight Valley.

Fight Valley Cast Miesha Tate Cris Cyborg Holly Holm

I wanted to like this movie and huffed at the terrible scores that it had since they rarely showcase my thoughts on a specific movie. But man did this movie try its hardest to make those horrible scores feel earned. I wasn’t expecting good acting by any means but most lines were just so cringy.

Lesbian MMA UFC

The actual generic plot you’d expect from the movie is somehow worse than what you’d expect since you just don’t care about any of the so called twists that they try to do nor the motivation for any of the characters. The movie tries so hard to make you feel like this is some tough shit you’re watching and that makes it even harder to watch than an 8th grader doing his best to look cool to High School kids.

FIght Valley Logo

Normally I can look past most stuff like that if it at least gives us something fun that other movies can’t deliver. In this case the fights, and a well choreographed fight is all I really needed. But even then the movie does no favors to itself and misses the one opportunity it had to have some redeeming value, even the lesbian fan service was poorly done. So while the movie had all the potential to be a great bad movie and failed at least I hope we get something like this done better in the future.

Fight Valley FIght Women's MMA

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Rick and Morty Special / Extra Episodes 2

Rick and Morty might be the best Back to the Future inspired thing that has ever come out and we know that because of the origin of the show. Before the show was made it started as a Back to the Future parody and it evolved from there. The show also took a lot of inspiration from Justin Roiland’s other animated shorts. I guess technically all these shorts are in continuity with the actual show since there are an infinite number of possibilities in the Rick and Morty universe.

Last time I compiled pretty much all the “extra” Rick and Morty shorts or clips from commercials and what not that the show had. To better unerstand where some of the jokes came from here are almost all the previous shorts that Roiland worked on before Rick and Morty including The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti which ended up being a sort of pilot to the show. But we also see concepts for Dog World and ideas or characters that eventually made it to the show like with House of Cosbys or Mr. Jelly Bean. The quality varies within the shorts and it’s not the best work but you can see where the humor began being constructed after.

Roiland TV – Dog World

Unbelievable Tales
Mr. Jelly Bean rape jelly bean

Roiland TV – Relative Insanity Short #1

Relative Insanity 2

Paloni Pitch

The Unmarketables

Gatorade Commercial


Doc and Mharti Lost Episode – The Origin of Rick & Morty

House of Cosbys

Francais Twitter: French Accounts to Follow to Practice French

Reading tweets in French can really be helpful in the learning progress, or at least that’s what I’ve been able to tell with me personally. It helps that there is a built in translator to help you out when you don’t understand so you can just click when you’re overwhelmed by a tweet. I already posted about some tweeter accounts to follow but I was asked to post more so here are other ones that I personally follow and have been for at least a few months.

Tweeter in French

Just like last time I will divide the accounts into three sections: Grammar, News and Fun. Grammar, being essential giving you mostly tips, quizes or infogrpahics. News, which are accounts that give out local or world news. Fun, mostly accounts that tweet cool stuff that I find cool in french. Continue reading Francais Twitter: French Accounts to Follow to Practice French

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving Archive

There was a Professor Layton online game of “real world” puzzles called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving or Layton World for short that launched to help promote Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. Sadly the website Layton.World is now offline but I archived the site as I was playing through it since I knew this day would come. For more information about it you can click here.

Layton Newspaper

Instead of searching the site you can come here and find every related article here including a walkthrough, puzzles, hints, translaytion, answers, story, items, etc. So, while the game is officially offline, you are still able to enjoy most of the game as genuinely as possible that it could be re-created. If you have any questions you can email me or tweet me.

Layton Viral

lower case puzzles a-z

Puzzles a, b, c, d
Puzzles e, f, g, h
Puzzles i, j, k, l
Puzzles m, n, o, p
Puzzles q, r, s, t
Puzzles u, v, w
Puzzles x, y, z

Upper Case Puzzles A – Y

Puzzles A, B, C
Puzzles D, E, F
Puzzles G, H, I
Puzzles J, K, L
Puzzles M, N, O
Puzzles P, Q, R
Puzzles S, T, U
Puzzles V, W, x

Items Part 1 (Transferrable)
Items Part 2
Items Part 3
How to transfer your items to your Nintendo 3DS or mobile (iOS/Android) game of Layton’s Mystery Journey Katrielle and the Millionaire’s ConspiracyWhat is Layton World?
Where in the World are Professor Layton’s Puzzles?
Layton World’s Final Week
Layton World logo

The story is an interquel/sequel to Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy and as you solve puzzles you begin unlocking it.
Layton World Story Part 1
Layton World Story Part 2
Layton World Story Part 3
Layton World Story Part 4
Layton World Story Part 5
Layton World Story Part 6
Layton World Story Part 7
Layton World Story Part 8
Layton World Story Part 9
Layton World Story Part 10
Layton World Story Part 11
Layton World Story Part 12
Layton World Story Part 13
Layton World Story Part 14
Layton World Story Part 15
Layton World Story Part 16


Lady Layton World

Why don’t you update immediately after the puzzle is live?

I prefer to have a “batch” of puzzles in a post instead of one per post so it’s easier to archive. I began with batches of 4 but to not fall so far behind I also do batches of 3 and I”m generally only 2 days or so behind the actual game. If you prefer each puzzle to be featured as soon as it’s available I could do it, just contact me and if there’s enough demand then I will do it.

When is the site updated?

The site is usually updated daily but Layton Puzzles have always been posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve been trying to keep it that way successfully but it’s not a rule, there may be updates on other days and maybe not necessarily Layton updates on those days.

There is a mistake/typo/broken picture in Puzzle _____ !

Contact me with the puzzle and problem so I can fix it.

Can you do _______?

Sure, if you want me to do anything special just email me or contact me through social media and if there’s enough people or if I like the idea I’m totally up for it!

What will the non-puzzle article be about?

I want to archive everything that was done for the real world puzzle game, including story, experience, promotions etc. As much as I can re-create the “feel” of the game.

Why is there no upper case Y & Z puzzle?

I don’t know, they decided to not complete the upper case alphabet puzzles to annoy us forever.

What’s your favorite Professor Layton game?

Curious Village.

Why Can’t I transfer my items?/strong>

Sadly the game is now offline and it’s impossible to do, you had until early December 2017 to do it. At least I got to archive everything else.

Are they going to bring Layton World back?
We don’t know but we do know they were impressed by the success and mentioned they might do other real life online puzzle games in the future!

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