Big Wolf on Campus intro / opening theme


I was about to begin my teenage years when I found Big Wolf on Campus airing which I’m sure I’ll talk about later but the opening/intro of the show really got to me. The lyrics are cheesy but I can’t help but like the song, especially how it begins with “I used to own this town..”, while a bit embarrassing I guess it just hit at the right time of my life as I made my own transition. Even now it’s as good as I remember. The quality above isn’t great, you can find the episodes with a better quality intro but I didn’t want to link to full episodes. It’s col how the “Fox Family” logo really adds to the video in nostalgia points.
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Super Mario Run announcement yay or nay?

So today unexpectedly they announced Super Mario Run coming out on iOS and later confirmed on Android shortly after. That’s something I certainly didn’t expect to see at the apple conference. It was weird hearing Miyamoto speak English for so long, he normally only says a few words. So let’s talk about it quickly with yays and nays.
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Bob wehadababyitsaboy Geico commercial

Back in the late 90s/early 2000’s I used to watch a lot of wrestling, and I mean a lot. I was basically glued to all their programming on the USA network and with that came repetitive commercials. There were plenty of clever commercials but no matter how funny it may have been if you watch it hundreds of times you’re bound to get sick of it.
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17-year-old girl arrested for the murder of defence attorney Mia Fey

September 5th 2016 – A 17-year-old girl has been charged with murder earlier tonight, in connection to the death of defence attorney Mia Fey. The girl, who police say was found at the scene of the crime shortly after Fey’s death, has been identified as the victim’s sister Maya Fey.
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Looking back on.. Wonder Showzen

I recently decided to re-watch Wonder Showzen and I can say that it’s an underated gem, I say that since most people seem to have forgotten about the show. It was never a huge show but some people seemed to watch it and now almost no one ever brings it up. I wasn’t sure how well it would show up since it very well could’ve been a product of its time.

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