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A few announcements on the site, first of all most new announcements will now be posted on the home page. If it’s something big it would still be posted here but any of the smaller updates like the current recurring posts such as TMNT Week or TokuThursdays etc. Edit: We took down the message board and moved over to discord for our community https://discord.gg/NH6bH3j

Second, the MisRave forums are open, in there you can continue the discussion of anything posted here on the site, but more specifically I want to see if it can become a community of smaller franchises. There are many shows/movies/bands/games/etc that have a few fans but there’s no website dedicated to them and hence no old school message boards for them. While none of those niche things might be able to keep a forum alive by themselves, it just might if we put them all together. If anyone wants to have their forum hosted here then just contact me sdp @ miscrave.com or post on the forums. I hope the forums can become a non-toxic community for a some franchises.

Finally a third announcement would be that the Miscrave Digiculture Podcast is now on itunes, just search for Miscrave or Digiculture and you’ll find it. And it should be available in other portals soon. The show continues to evolve with each episode and keeps on improving. The show will deal more with the effects of politics in the media we all enjoy or analyzing business decisions that companies make of our favorite IP holders. New episodes come out every Wednesday.

As always you can message me or send any questions in and I’ll do my best to answer them. Current status of the message board, down due to inactivity.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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