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There is an online Professor Layton gamegame of “real” puzzles called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving or Layton World for short. As this is a timed based web based game the puzzles will eventually get lost to time so here we will have an archive of the puzzles as well as hints and solutions for those stuck in any specific puzzle. The puzzles are not that difficult so I would suggest only looking at the answer if you’re completely stumped.

First four Layton Puzzles

Let’s take a look at the second set of four puzzles, for the first 4 click here. Now part of what makes solving a puzzle fun is actually solving it. Read hints separately and only use the next hint if you still can’t solve it and check your answer by highlighting to read the spoilers.

e) Chew On This Puzzle!
Solve this puzzle about Sherl the dog!
Solve this dog’s charismatic dandruff

The name of a big dog is Charo.
Q, solve this mystery about the dog’s Charlotte!

This Puzzle was located in Tokyo, Japan.
Tokyo Layton Puzzle
Layton Puzzle Dog
Layton Puzzle

Hint 1: It is easy to understand if you interact with the aspect ratio of the picture of black board.

Hint 2: look at poster at a different way

Hint 3:Turn the sign to read the puzzle’s question and use the image of thed og to solve it.
Layton Puzzle

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

f) A Puzzle Of Nothing But Hats

This puzzle was once again made in Japa and some nice Layton fans posted up the pictures through Translaytion. This one might seem hard but if you think about it for a bit you can solve it. The last two picture really make it much easier.

Layton World Puzzle
Layton World Puzzle
Hint 1: It is not a calculation formula.
Hint 2: The position is also irrelevant
Hint 3: Count the number of characters.

Layton World Puzzle

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

g) We’ve Got This Puzzle Surrounded

This was another puzzle in Japan which caused some people to question if it was an international event but patience is all that was needed.
Layton World Puzzle

Hint 1: Why are shapes surrounded by “lines”

Hint 2: It’s a Pigpen cipher

Hint 3: Try to match the shapes on the bottom with the lines surrounding the letters.

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

h) A Bridge Puzzle

The first puzzle outside Japan, this time we travelled all the way to the United States of America and to San Francisco, California. The last picture spoils the puzzle for the most part so beware.

Layton World Puzzle
Layton World Puzzle

Hint 1: Once you know the relationship between the number of lines and the number of circles.

Hint 2:One line … There are two lines … There are three lines … One … three … Three …

Hint 3:Let’s focus on the line connecting the circles

Layton World Puzzle
Layton World Puzzle

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

If you missed the game as it was online well you missed a heck of a time but at least you can still solve the puzzles. For the rest of the Layton World Puzzles click here.

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