Best of French Reddit Vol. 4

A few more French Reddit posts that as we saw in past editions, it is a curated look at some posts made on the French learning subreddit that I’ve found interesting because of the what was inside them whether the questions, the sources shared or just the comments. This will likely be the last French Reddit post for a while and any more links I”ll just add them here. If this gets too convoluted, there’ll be another but for the most part I think I’ll try to keep most of the links in this final edition for now.

A few eccentricities of the French language from French

Learning French? – Challenge for you from French

Help on understanding spoken french? from French

Je ne peux pas comprendre les français from French

Conversation in Slow French – Learn French from French

I found some high-quality french stories! from French

French Reddit

French Reddit Flag

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