French Progress #2

For today’s French Friday I thought I’d give a quick update on how I’ve been feeling about the project and it’s not good. Since the last update things have only taken a turn for the worse as I haven’t felt this unmotivated in a long time to continue learning french, not to dissimilar from the last time I quit.

It’s not because of one specific reason but a few that add up. One of them is I spent a lot of time at first trying to learn and improve but I felt the progress I made was very little, I do feel like I have hit my wall of how much more I can learn. Since then I have only been able to study less because of other things getting in the way so my progress is even slower now, I can only usually dedicate 10-20 minutes most days to study and my habit of continuing using the different apps has ended with me only being able to use Duolingo.

I also started my French classes and I do not like my teacher and don’t feel I get enough practice there, this is level 4 and supposedly if you pass level 6 you are a B1 level. I find the class boring and also tough as I feel my listening and reading aren’t where they’re supposed to be. This section of the website is also not the most visited with it only getting a few readers but I didn’t start it to have tons of readers and more of an archive to see my progress one year later. So I had thought about quitting the project, I would still go to classes and studying on my own but no longer have the “1 year” goal but after some thinking I decided to go on with it and even if I fail at least this worst case scenario it will show how much I tried and the mistakes I may have done and in the best case scenario I would have improved my French to a decent level.

Anyone else feel they’ve hit a wall?

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