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MiscRave The Digiculture Shortcast Podcast!

A show that talked about a variety of topics from discussion on latest announcements in tech/politics/geeky topics or just going down the memory lane and analyzing a specific narrative. Old episodes were pruned so if a link is no longer active just contact me for a new download link at sdp @ miscrave .com

Episode 152: The End
Episode 151: Wrasslin’ Memories
Episode 150: Crypto Crypto Crypto
Episode 149: X-Mas Trees and Memories
Episode 148: Thanksgiving Thanks
Episode 147: Updates and Future
Episode 146: Pokemon I choose you Movie expirience
Episode 145: Geeking on TMNT and Jurassic World
Episode 144: Americanizing Dia de Muertos
Episode 143: Movies! Detective Pikachu, Spawn 2 and more
Episode 142: Justice League and The Last Jedi Trailers
Episode 141:How to get into the Halloween mood
Episode 140: Ataribox and Toys R Us
Episode 139: Surviving an Earthquake!
Episode 138: Apple Event / iphone x 2017
Episode 137: Movies: Indiana Jones 5, Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom and Star Wars Episode IX
Episode 136: Death Note / Death of Miiverse
Episode 135: The Adventures of Pete & Pete / Lucifer
Episode 134: Words
Episode 133: Disney Streaming VS Netflix & The upcoming Karate Kid show
Episode 132: Pokemon The Movie, Harvey Birdman, One Punch Man
Episode 131: SDCC 2017 Aftermath
Episode 130: Toxic Avenger, Ataribox, Planet of the Apes, Marvel’s Spider-Man
Episode 129: Toxic Avenger & Professor Layton World
Episode 128: Toxic Crusaders Avenger & Gridman???
Episode 127: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom thoughts
Episode 126: Ataribox and Atari history
Episode 125: E3 2017 Aftermath
Episode 124: E3 2017 Predictions
Episode 123: The end of the school year
Episode 122: Finding New Music
Episode 121: Fidget Spinner Craze
Episode 120: Learning a Language
Episode 119: Nintendo’s Portable Future
Episode 118: NES Mini and SNES mini production
Episode 117: Social issues & Star Wars The Last Jedi
Episode 116: Rise of the TMNT
Episode 115: Is Power Rangers Cool again?
Episode 114: Wrestlephever
Episode 113: The Matrix Rebooted
Episode 112: Site Updates
Episode 111: Kong Skull Island
Episode 110: Nintendo Switch Launch
Episode 109: Power Rangers Movie
Episode 108: Too Many DC shows
Episode 107: Fire Emblem Heroes
Episode 106: Tamales Day
Episode 105: Re-negotiating NAFTA
Episode 104: Nintendo Switch Presentation
Episode 103: 2017 Forecast
Episode 102: Looking back at 2016
Episode 101: What is Digital Culture?

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