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Weekly Themes Wrestling & Power Rangers

Some quick site updates since I thought it’d be nice to let people know what’s going on with the site. If you’ve noticed we’ve had Power Rangers posts every Thursday since we’re on the hype train to the new Power Rangers movie; I guess we can call it Morphin’ Thursday’s. They’ll continue at least until the movie is out. Similarly since Wrestlemania is also soon so as we started last week we’ll have “Wrestling Weekends” until Wrestlemania XXXII.

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Looking back on.. Power Rangers Zeo

Last week we finished the last season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers which is a direct lead to Power Rangers Zeo. As you know Saban decided to change the format of Power Rangers with the fourth season and decided to follow the yearly sentai theme more closely and not only changing villains and mecha but also the suits. So let’s take a look at everything that the last season built up and if it delivered.

Before Zeo even began they aired some shorts leading up to the premier which is called “the Zeo Serial” which all the short together make another “episode” and it’s cool; This never aired where I lived but it would’ve gotten me super excited in fact as a kid I probably thought Power Rangers was cancelled as it got taken off the air after Season 3. I did find out about the other seasons not long after and even got to see a little of Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo but for the most part the franchise was dead in my area. Dragon Ball and Video Games kept me from being too sad about it though and I moved on. The Zeo serial works fine I don’t know why the fandom mentions that it’s non-canon because of A Zeo beginning, it can still fit, I mean what’s Power Rangers without a few retcons?
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Spawn’s Angela Tribute (Marvel, Neil Gaiman)

Angela has been making a splash in the Marvel Universe as Thor’s sister and in Guardians of the Galaxy but she began as a character on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn but a legal battle over ownership by Neil Gaiman since he created her ended up in him keeping the rights to her and being able to take her wherever he wanted. She will likely never be in a new Spawn comic or media ever gain which is terrible since that incarnation of her is far more interesting and appealing.
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Cookie Monster is an addict

The Cookie Monster has always been my favorite muppet and he became an inspiration for me and my current unhealthy love for cookies. I’m not the biggest Family Guy fan but when I saw them interpret the Cookie Monster as an addict it was just fantastic and one of my favorite parodies which is why it’s important to have a page that compiles them all. Sadly not all of them deal with him being a cookie junkie so the other ones just feature him.

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