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Music Match Volume 2

This second time on Music Match I review three new music videos ranging from dream wave to pop music. It can be hard to find music at times but no matter if it’s from a person who has bad musical taste, a suggestion on youtube and even a TV show, or in the case of some here a website, it’s important to continue to find new music. So let’s take a look at these three music videos that caught my eye and were worth sharing for a reason or two.


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Looking back on.. Darkstalkers Animated

I always thought the Darkstalkers franchise looked awesome and it was something to check out. I never did play any of the games but those character designs really appealed to me as a kid. I’ve only ever played as characters in Marvel vs Capcom as I think most have counting that Capcom doesn’t seem to care about the franchise besides the few iconic characters. While the franchise seems to have been left in the attic it did have some notoriety since it didn’t get one animated interpretation but two; An Anime comprised of a 4 episode OVA and a 13 episode western cartoon of all things, so let’s rave it up and look back at these shows.

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Early internet song song memes

During the times of Web 1.0 having streaming video was sort of a privilege and not something very common you would find online but we did see the rise of flash which sort of gave us video in the early days. With it we got a few of the first internet memes on the internet, at least musical internet memes. Most of us have forgotten about them and some of us don’t know them so let’s take a look at some internet history.

Thanks to the awful translation in the Sega game Zero Wing we got one of the most popular gaming internet memes that is still referenced to this day. hell the website, all your base are belong to us is still active. Even if its nearly two decades old it somehow still feels fresh and the internet tried hard to make Engrish feel overdone, now Someone set us up the memes. Classic.
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Most Wanted Custom Characters for Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces has a custom character feature which caused all the furries and Sonic fandom yiffed and “hardcore” gamers all called for the Sonic Cycle to start all over. I actually though it’s a neat idea and you just have to ignore the collateral damage for this feature being implemented. Now, I think for most of us we’ll just have fun with it and move on with our lives, but with the thousands of ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL out there, what are some of the most wanted Custom characters for Sonic Forces?

I must admit that even though I”m a fairly big Sonic fan who has watched all the Sonic cartoons just because but I’m not as up to date with more modern characters and I never read the Archie Sonic comics besides an issue or two which has most of the fandom ended up attaching too and gave the rise to the NAME + The Hedgehog meme that exists and likely inspired this game but I’m pretty sure this list should satisfy most.
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Inspector Gadget Cartoon intros / Openings Collection

Inspector Gadget is one of those weird franchises that has quietly had a few shows through out the decades without anyone really noticing them, in fact a lot of these shows I didn’t even know existed. Let’s take a loot at the theme songs of all these shows, since we know that the original show had the now classic opening theme and see if any of the future shows were able to match it.

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