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French Nintendo Characters

With E3 hype ready I thought today’s #frenchfriday post could deal with all the Nintendo Characters who are french and well this is actually difficult to research, especially when localization has made some non-french characters french like Dupree in Paper Mario so I went the easy route and only cataloged the ones who are most definitely French.

french twintelle nintendo

We Begin with Twintelle from Arms who shook the internet after her original design was revealed and finally that first Nintendo Switch original franchise had an interesting character. She’s a movie star and likes her coffee and well boxing.

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French Reading for Beginners

A problem I had for the longest time while learning French was improving my reading comprehension. For the longest time I could not make any progress and would continue to suck at understanding what I read. The tips of continue reading did not seem to help me and I would get frustrated and quit. Since then I’ve been able to improve quite a bit.

french beginner books

I realized two things, first that it’s true that the more you read the easier it becomes and second that it’s just as important to find appropriate reading. The second one is so important since even what may seem like an easy article or book might be way too challenging, I know it was for me!
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Power Rangers Article Archives

I was able to get into the Power Rangers fad as it had just begun since I loved dinosaurs already which lead me to being an early adopter before it hit it huge. I loved them until they stopped airing episodes where I lived. It wasn’t until many years later that I re-discovered them and realized they were still as awesome as they had ever been and  I’m still a fan today.
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