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Listen back.. Adema Insomniac’s Dream

Adema is one of those bands that got big at the peak of nu-metal’s popularity but sadly that meant it was all downhill from there. Luckily before all that happened they were a rising success with their nu-metal defining first album but before they ever released a second one we got this EP to tide us over. Mostly consisting of remixes, a cover and a few new tracks this was too little to keep the momentum going as nu-metal began to die but let’s take a quick listen to it and judge it.

The EP begins with Immortal which worked for the revival of the Mortal Kombat franchise even if it was just a continuation it was marketed that way since it was the first game in current gen systems and it had been a while since the last game. This helped the song get a lot of airplay though that didn’t seem to help the band much, mixed with random live footage and in-game footage of Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance you do have some scenes of Marky Chavez singing in a CG Mortal Kombat ring along the band, this is easily the best part of the video though it should’ve tried to use this a little bit better. The song doesn’t fit Mortal Kombat even if the lyrics feature things that happen in the franchise, at least the song is decent even if nothing particularly special about it.

We then get Shattered which was a b-side from their self-titled album released in some international releases. I can see why it didn’t make the original cut since even if not bad it doesn’t fit as well with the rest of the more energetic self-titled album. The Alice in Chains cover of Nutshell is not particularly bad but like a lot of covers they fail to give it a spin of their own and end up sounding inferior to the original.

adema insomniac's dream large

We then get two remixes, first with Freaking Out” (Chris Vrenna Remix) and “The Way You Like It” (Sam “Sever” Citrin Remix) but neither is particularly good, the first one doesn’t even make that many changes and the few that they do mostly make the song worse with only a few added bits being better, the second one is a little bit better but mostly just an inoffensive remix. We also get a lvie version of “Do What You Want to Do” (Live) which is ok and “Giving In” (Radio Mix) which no one asked for except maybe a completist who wanted that version but it’s barely any different.

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Looking back on.. Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm Street Remakes

The Friday the 13th and NIghtmare on Elm Street franchises are so intertwined by fans even if joined mostly because of the Easter eggs done only for fan service that you can’t have one without the other similar to Aliens vS Predator franchise. Both franchises died in the 90s only to come back int he 00’s for one final hoorah with Friday VS Jason which actually got a pretty banging soundtrack that could’ve fared much worse.

freddy remake poster
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Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving Story Part 3

Professor Layton’s live online game of “real” puzzles called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving or Layton World for short launched to help promote Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy is now online. As this is a timed based web based game the story and puzzles will eventually get lost to time; so here we will have an archive of the story. Let’s take a look at the first part of the story, for the previous ones or for the puzzles click here.
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Looking back on.. The Magic School Bus Rides Again Netflix Season 1 & 2

Well I’ve been following this show closely for a year before it came out since the show seemed to have fallen off the radar without any news but finally we have a new Magic School Bus cartoon with Rides Again and it’s actually very different from the originally announced Magic School Bus 360 that was supposed to be in CG featuring new kids. I was extremely disappointed when I saw the trailer, but after watching all of the episodes that encompass the first and second seasons, how is it really?

magic school bus rides again bus

The art-style is awful, makes me feel like I’m watching an expensive flash cartoon or a Dora show, in fact it feels like a those cheap revivals shows had in the 90s from older properties. I really wish they had gone with CG since the King Kong CG Netflix show they had while a bit boring had awesome CG. The show does look nice and clean at least but the character designs are so uninspiring and generic, I literally can’t tell any of the kids apart besides Arnold, and not because he is the exception but it’s easy to tell him apart because of his glasses, he also gets the most focus in the entire show.

magic school bus rides again field trip
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Looking back on.. Skeleton Warriors

They tried to bring He-Man into more modern times when they made the show Skeleton Warriors, which mixed magic alongside technology in a neo-mythological world. Created mostly to sell toys the idea was pretty damn cool but sadly it was never able to take off. Whether you enjoyed the cartoon or the toys let’s look back on the animated series.

skeleton warriors logo

Narrated by an awesome for the time CG Skull that gave us a brief rundown before and after in a rather creepy yet wise voice totally set the mood for each episode before it even began. The show has a bit of a dark premise where the bad guys take over and in this case because of the Lightstar crystal they become skeletons that can regenerate and it’s up to the ex-Royal family to make things right.
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