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Looking back on.. The Santa Clause Trilogy

I remember watching The Santa Clause when I was a kid but while I liked it, I don’t think I ever watched it again but I still remembered it was a weird premise and the Oscar Meyer whistle ending but I never really felt like watching the movie again. Flashback to one day that I open up Netflix and see The Santa Clause 3 and a ridiculous cover and I kind of felt like watching the original but it wasn’t available. Then that idea morphed into me wanting to watch the entire trilogy for who knows what reason and culminated when I realized all the movies were now available to stream and what I planned to do over the next couple of weeks ended up with me watching them all in one day.

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Listen Back.. System of a Down – SOAD self-titled album review

I had just begun 7th grade when I was talking about music with a friend and back then I didn’t have a wide variety in my taste in music but each of us mentioned “one” was a great album, the one he mentioned was System of A Down’s self-titled album. We each lent each other an album and began to listen. I don’t really remember what I thought about it when I first heard it, I didn’t love it but I remember listening to it many times so I’m guessing I didn’t hate it either. I used to listen to it a few times while making Pokemon Decks for the Pokemon league on friday nights. Funnily enough I don’t remember thinking it was a particularly heavy album and this was one of my first exposures to metal. My friend eventually moved without warning so he never gave me back my album and I got to keep this one, my only problem when I was older is that it was an edited CD and the only edited version of the CD that I ever owned.
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Listen Back.. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Nightmare Revisited

One day I”m cleaning the garage and I find my old The Nightmare Before Christmas Burger King watch I got as a child, I was in High School now and I needed a watch and I thought it was perfect and it was since many seemed to like it. It was only about a year later that the nightmare before christmas nostalgia hit and we had tons of new merchandise everywhere and now everyone had TNBC related stuff and it wasn’t as much fun wearing my Burger King watch.

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Listen back.. Freddy vs Jason soundtrack

It was the summer of 2003 and my friends suggested we see a movie so we end up seeing Freddy vs Jason which I didn’t really care for at the time but was happy that I saw it since these were two horror icons of my childhood, movie was ok but I was recommended the soundtrack by some friends and decided to buy it. It got some rotation but it was never really a great soundtrack for me oddly enough one of my friends who I saw the movie with wanted to buy it after listening to it once in my car. At this point we had already reached the peak of nu-metal but we still see plenty of it here as well as some other bands that were differentiating themselves from that genre.
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Listen back.. Adema self-titled (album)

Tonight I’ll talk about Adema’s first album which came out in 2001 right at the peak of nu-metal and this album is pretty much the epitome of nu-metal. I don’t mean it’s the best nu-metal album but it surely represents what the genre became better than any other album before or after. Riding off the fame of Korn the band was promoted as Jonathan Davis’ younger brother. A must for any angsty teens arsenal in the early 00’s.
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Looking back on.. Wonder Showzen

I recently decided to re-watch Wonder Showzen and I can say that it’s an underated gem, I say that since most people seem to have forgotten about the show. It was never a huge show but some people seemed to watch it and now almost no one ever brings it up. I wasn’t sure how well it would show up since it very well could’ve been a product of its time.

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