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Looking back on.. Exosquad (Review)

Exosquad is a show that I never saw as a kid and I barely even remember the toys and yet I was recommended the show a few times comparing the show to Gargoyles and Avatar: The Last Airbender. For some reason every time I heard Exosquad I thought of Centurions, a cartoon that I always hated and now think is a prequel to Visionaries, and every time I decided to check the intro or read the synopsis it seemed terrible to me and I just didn’t want to watch it. I finally watched the so called “anime of the west” Exosquad and well I was definitely impressed but not to the level of hype the show seemed to have.

The setting of the show is the beginning of the 22nd century and Man has colonized both Venus and Mars. To help colonize and terraform the planets they had to create an artificial race; The Neosapiens, because of the harsh conditions for life on the planets. The Neosapiens were treated as slaves for the most part and they eventually revolted but humans created the Exo-Frames which are basically a type of exoskeleton or even mechas and won the war, while the Neosapiens are given more freedom for the most part they seem to still be treated fairly bad. The show itself deals with a new Neosapien revolt which based on the backstory you’d think they are the good guys but they aren’t and they try justifying it by saying their leader is evil. You can say there are shades of grey in the war and its definitely true however it’s mostly shown to you as the good guys vs the bad guys and the shades of grey are just for the audience to pick up. Lets look at the more interesting characters . Continue reading Looking back on.. Exosquad (Review)