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Lord Drakkon in the Power Rangers Universe

Lord Drakkon has been making a lot of buzz in the Power Rangers fandom since his debut. I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t interested in the Boom! Studios comics since they seemed fanfic level and this DeviantArt Original Character DO NOT STEAL Green Ranger & White Ranger hybrid didn’t help change my opinion. This slowly changed over time and now I can point out why Lord Drakkon is such a cool character that deserves to be in proper Power Rangers Universe continuity.

lord drakkon cosplay suit

Now, I haven’t read the comics and don’t plan to for the time being until enough story story arcs are easily available since I have no patience for monthly comics most of the time. Luckily this video narrated by Jason David Frank aka Tommy Oliver himself narrate who this character is does a much better description. You might be asking why I’d be a fan of a character that I don’t even really know and it’s because of this viral marketing.

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Batman Legacy Anthology

The four Batman films from the 90s even though I guess technically the first one was released in 1989 all share a continuity, now most people like to draw a difference between the Tim Burton films and the Joe Schumacher films and while there are definitely differences between them three is no denying that the four films are meant to take place in the same universe and are not as tonally different as people like to believe so let’s take a look back at them.

Batman quadrilogy posters

Too bad there is no easy way to tell this saga apart and since fans divide the films as mentioned above it hasn’t helped the situation. We’ve seen box sets of the films called as the Legacy collection and also the Anthology so I guess that’s the best we have unless we want to call it a quadriology or tetralogy. The movies do go nicely together when they use the logos to differentiate each movie as each one has a very iconic batman shield for that movie.
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Rick and Morty Special / Extra Episodes 2

Rick and Morty might be the best Back to the Future inspired thing that has ever come out and we know that because of the origin of the show. Before the show was made it started as a Back to the Future parody and it evolved from there. The show also took a lot of inspiration from Justin Roiland’s other animated shorts. I guess technically all these shorts are in continuity with the actual show since there are an infinite number of possibilities in the Rick and Morty universe.

Last time I compiled pretty much all the “extra” Rick and Morty shorts or clips from commercials and what not that the show had. To better unerstand where some of the jokes came from here are almost all the previous shorts that Roiland worked on before Rick and Morty including The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti which ended up being a sort of pilot to the show. But we also see concepts for Dog World and ideas or characters that eventually made it to the show like with House of Cosbys or Mr. Jelly Bean. The quality varies within the shorts and it’s not the best work but you can see where the humor began being constructed after.

Roiland TV – Dog World

Unbelievable Tales
Mr. Jelly Bean rape jelly bean

Roiland TV – Relative Insanity Short #1

Relative Insanity 2

Paloni Pitch

The Unmarketables

Gatorade Commercial


Doc and Mharti Lost Episode – The Origin of Rick & Morty

House of Cosbys

Looking back on.. Return to the Planet of the apes

Planet of the Apes was one of the most successful franchises in its day having 5 movies total in its original run a TV show and even a cartoon. Since then it’s also one of the few franchises that was able to have a reboot as successful as the original but today we’ll only talk about the animated show that The Planet of the Apes had and why it deserves to have that name.

Return Planet Apes Cast

The show is not in direct continuity with the movies, but this is not some Saturday morning kid friendly version of the franchise. In fact it doesn’t really feel at all like a cartoon for kids most of the time. There is an ongoing plot and continuity within episodes as well as complex relationships. Some episodes do fall into the children’s cartoon mold but I was surprised by how different it felt.

Return Planet Apes Cars
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Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man is back at Marvel for the time being and Sony has been wanting to do their own Cinematic Universe for a while now and is going ahead with it, even without Spidey himself. Most people seem to be against it but is it really a bad idea?

Spider-Man Negative Man PS4

Sony already tried to do a cinematic universe once before with The Amazing Spider-Man duology but it failed to catch on. As I wrote before, it’s not that bad of a movie even if it has its flaws and it wasn’t a bomb either, it just was a disappointment in the Box Office. Sony is clearly invested with Spider-Man as we’ve seen with it headlining E3 2017 with an exclusive game, an animated movie and various Spiderverse movies being worked on.
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Sonic Animated Continuity

After finishing watching all the Sonic cartoons, mainly all the American Sonic shows made by DIC and even the Japanese Sonic Animes since this won’t cover Sonic Underground, I realized that these shows could be in continuity with each other. Just like I found out about the Nintendo Animated Universe that consists of the Super Mario Cartoons, The Legend of Zelda and Captain N, I will now do the same for Sonic.

As a kid I always thought of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog SATAM sharing the same universe. And why not? Both had the same voice actor, basically the same premise only executed a bit differently and both had the same personality, likes and dislikes for Sonic. There is no reason not to think they aren’t in the same universe besides the fact that one is a much lighter take on it. Counting much of the stuff the two shows shared wasn’t from the videogames so you can’t say it’s because of the source material, so it’s not crazy to think this.
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Rick and Morty Special / Extra Episodes

I haven’t really liked many of the more recent adult animation that has been out there or internet fan favorites like Adventure time so I was quick to dismiss this show as well but I decided to check out an episode and by the second one I was hooked. So I quickly watched everything but also found out that there were “extra” episodes and no real archive of them anywhere, so here is everything I found of extra or special Rick and Morty episodes to scratch our need for more.

You have deleted scenes, two “Mini episodes” which were improvised in a panel for the most part and later animated by fans, the Simpsons couch gag cross-over, some promotional commercials and videos, the Judge Morty: State of Georgia Vs Rick Allen SDCC comic-con special and the animated one, Puppet Rick and Morty answer IGN reader questions, CGI Morty, Steamboat Morty, fake Action Figure commercial, Adult Swim promos, Rick’s time in detention and the clay Gumby extras/ Specials. The great thing about this is they all include the voices and counting that there’s an infinite number of universes all of these shorts are technically in continuity with the show. I’m missing any please let me know
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